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It Isn’t Hard To “SUMMER-ize” Your Yard With These 6 Tips!

It Isn’t Hard To “SUMMER-ize” Your Yard With These 6 Tips!

Summer is here, and it’s time to make your yard a yard your friends would die for. Designing your outdoor living is just as important as designing your indoor living – and fun too! However, just because it is important, doesn’t mean it can’t be simple for you to do (let alone easy on your wallet!).

Here are some simple tips that are the hottest outdoor trends of 2012:

Ditch The Umbrella! Stylish shade WITHOUT trees or umbrellas? Totally possible! Patio and deck canopies are moving from resorts to your homes. These sails of shade are typically made from polyester or nylon, and they are also UV treated to protect against the sun. They are also portable and easy to move if you ever decide to change colors or add on to your house! These canopies will help create an outdoor oasis never seen before in your backyard and be the envy of all of your friends!

Swing in Style – Hammocks are the new rocking chair this year! And who said hammocks have to hang between trees? Place your modern hammock on the patio, the empty corner of your yard, or even next to your pool! Hammocks can go virtually anywhere with a four-legged wooden frame.  In fact, you can build the frame yourself, hire a carpenter, or buy one online. Oh, and don’t forget to add some summer flavor and a pop of color to your hammock with bright pillows or a striped blanket!

Low Maintenance Landscaping 101 – Want less lawn to mow? Create a backyard landscaping design with attractive stone paths, fountains, and plants. This not only reduces the amount of grass that needs to be mowed, but it also provides a place for hanging out and dining with friends. For those who live near the woods, be sure to grow plants deer won’t eat such as hens and chicks, prickly pear, and creeping juniper. You wouldn’t want your plants to become mutilated!

Garden TOO GREEN? – Then do we have the solution for you! Support your vines and other creeping plants with a colorful, inventive trellis. Spice up your standard white or wooden weaved trellis with a splash of color! Bright yellow, orange, lilac, pink, and lime green trellises have been spotted everywhere in 2012. Give it a fresh coat of paint or try a modern Terra Trellis to give a dramatic effect while still maintaining order in your garden.

Bring On The Fire! – Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are the perfect finishing touch to the design of your yard! They are not only aesthetically appealing – they are also quite functional! They can come in all different designs to fit your unique style. Choose from the bold, basic stone or the classy, black iron (And who doesn’t love s’mores?).

Nighttime Getaway – Create a backyard paradise after the sun goes down with some beautiful lighting! Hang globe lights in your trees to create a warm homey look at night. Additionally, add to that comfy-cozy feel by buying brown and tan lounge cushions and pillows to lie out in your lawn to stargaze with your friends and loved ones. And if you want to go to the movies without paying exorbitant prices for tickets, hang up a sheet and invite some guests to your outdoor living room to project a movie during the summer nights!

WARNING: After you follow these tips to jazz up your yard, your friends won’t want to ever leave. You may want to check your hammock to make sure your friends aren’t hiding in them every night!

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