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Beautifying the Old and Honoring History in Claverach Park

Beautifying the Old and Honoring History in Claverach Park

I love the St. Louis area and just about everything about it – its architectural beauty, its sports, and especially its history. One of the most fascinating areas is the Clayton, Missouri area, which had been established a few centuries ago after settlers near New Madrid had to relocate after suffering through five very tumultuous earthquakes in 1811 and 1812.

How surprised and honored I was when I found out that I was called to help a family with the interior design of their historic home in beautiful Claverach Park in Clayton, Missouri!

The home, which was built in 1928, is located in historic Claverach Park (which means “clover field” in Welsh) in Clayton, Missouri, and is one of the 210 historic homes in the area. The family who lives in this historically rich area originally contacted me because they wanted to match some custom draperies that they had in their previous home and wanted some advice. It took me a few weeks to source the exact fabric. I leaned on my past experience as a fabric buyer and worked really hard to finally locate it for them.

From that point, I worked with the client to create a master plan for the entire home. They felt that their home was incongruent with their taste and wanted to make it a more put-together family home.

But I didn’t just take everything they had, throw it on the street, and put in all new furniture and material. I wanted to use family-friendly designs while still incorporating the family’s own special heirlooms and pieces that they had already owned in the new design of their home!

As I worked with the client, I noticed that the homeowners had little touches throughout the home that were meaningful to them. I loved several pieces that they had, but one unique heirloom that stood out to me was the antique light fixture in the entry foyer that was original to the home.

Some other unique features that the homeowners wanted to keep as part of the new design included the artwork on their living room wall that their three children drew. They had each drawn a dragon, which they had created when they were each in kindergarten. The drawings were all framed to look like gallery art. I made sure to keep that as a featured aspect in their living room.

Other unique pieces included the home’s beautiful hardwood floors, a custom-built staircase, a stained glass turret overlooking the city, and gorgeous marble archways. I made sure to make these all focal points in my redesigning project.

Additionally, the owners wanted to keep these adorable handmade teddy bears that were made by their grandmother in the master bedroom, so I made sure that they had a place of prominence and honor in their bedroom.

All in all, the home was a really fun project for me and turned out to be even more beautiful. It not only reflects the history of the home, but it is also a beautiful family-friendly home.

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