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7 Quick and Easy Kitchen Updates to Make Your Kitchen Sizzle!

7 Quick and Easy Kitchen Updates to Make Your Kitchen Sizzle!

Are you tired of the way your kitchen looks right now? Do you cringe when stepping over curled up tile or nearly fall asleep when you see that boring cabinetry and wall paint color?

If you’re ready for a change but don’t have much time or money on your hands, then you’re in luck! I’ve got the 7 easiest, fastest, and most effective updates that you can make on your kitchen! Check them out below!

Open Up Shelving – If you have a narrow kitchen, then removing the doors to the upper cabinets can create a sense of openness. You can set off the revealed shelves by giving it a decorative treatment, too. Just remove the doors and fill in the holes with wood filler. Sand until smooth and paint or stain the cabinets to your liking!

Add Bold Color – Feeling adventurous? Want to revitalize your boring kitchen? Pick a fun, bold color to paint your kitchen cabinets or walls! You can even re-cover your chairs or stools with a bright patterned fabric. Don’t forget to add new fun curtains!

Replace the Faucets – Your sink does a good amount of the hard work in the kitchen, so why not give it some love by switching out the faucet? Updated kitchen fixtures are practical and can add style to your design.

Create a Wall Display – Open kitchen wall space provides wonderful opportunities to bring in your favorite personalized elements! Include your favorite collections, photographs, and artwork to grace your beautiful open wall space!

Update Cabinet Hardware – One of the easiest and most fun to add to your kitchen is some “bling” for your cabinets. That’s right – knobs! If you use metal hardware, try to go with the flow and use one metal for the knobs like gold, silver, brass, stainless steel, nickel, or chrome. Remember to count the number of doorknobs and handles before you go shopping!

Paint Backsplash Tile – No, you don’t have to replace that backsplash! You just need to paint it! It’s faster and costs way less than replacing the whole thing! First, scrub the backsplash with a solution that’s 50% water and 50% ammonia, rinse, and let it dry. After that, repair any loos or missing grout, then sand the surface with very fine-grit sandpaper and vacuum away the dust. Put on the primer and then paint with tile paint, which you can find in hardware stores! Let it dry for 24 hours before you apply the second coat!

Update the Floor – Ugly and aged tile can make any kitchen floor look, well, less than fantastic. Luckily, there are many options for a kitchen floor update! It just depends on your needs and what you like. From hardwood to laminate to tile and bamboo, the choices are endless! Just be sure you know the pros and cons of each flooring and take your choice into careful consideration before you rip up that old tile!

If you’re not sure what look would be best for your kitchen, go ahead and give me a call at (618) 656-4728 or check out my website at Let me help you turn your kitchen from boring to beautiful!

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