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Home Library Interior Design Ideas That Will Make Bookworms Swoon!

Home Library Interior Design Ideas That Will Make Bookworms Swoon!

Our homes are our sanctuaries. They shelter us, comfort us, and allow us to surround ourselves with the ones we love under one roof. 

One of the best things about our homes is that we have the ability to mold them into our own liking and showcase the things we love. If you’re an avid reader, having a functional, stunning home library is a MUST. Without a gorgeous home library to proudly showcase, life seems, well, a little bit empty for bookworms!

If you want to create your very own home library or update your existing library, grab your books and your thinking caps! We have five innovative ideas that might help you get creative with your home libraries!

For Those Super High Ceilings of Yours – Got high ceilings? Not sure what to do with them? Instead of filling the wall space with frame upon frame upon frame of old family photos and ho-hum artwork, why not create one large bookcase against one wall from floor to ceiling (or build it within the wall itself!)? Just imagine – your beautiful, beloved books are taking up one entire wall, making themselves the center of attention and the envy of all! You can complete the room with a rich, dark colored desk, tables, and other pieces, and you can include a comfortable yet simple white or cream couch or chair to sit and enjoy all those books on.

Heavenly Hallway Haven – What do you think about when the word “hallway” comes to mind? Family photos? Forgotten knickknacks on dusty shelves? Well, why not bookshelves? If your hallway is wide enough (we’re talking at least 7 feet here), try putting a bookshelf on one side of the hallway! With a wide enough hallway, you can even include a small reading area complete with a cozy armchair and small table and lamp, making it possibly your favorite location in your entire home!

Nooks Are IN! If you have staircases in your home, you might notice that often-neglected and empty space beneath the stairwell. In fact, you might utilize that space for nothing but either storage or a collection of houseplants. Use the extra space to turn it into your somewhat hidden reading room! Just add shelves, books, and maybe a cushy chair and lighting, if you can, and you’re all set!

Now THAT’S Entertainment – Ever wanted a location you could take your pals to play some games and enjoy a cool drink? Great your very own game room, complete with a built-in bookshelf and nook! Feel free to include a sliding ladder for easy access to your beloved books. Add a couch underneath the shelves and a coffee table for board games, and throw in a wet bar to entertain your guests or to enjoy your favorite drink when you’re reading a novel.

Library Spiraling in the Sky – Want to keep your library in your room but don’t have enough room? Try putting it above you! If you’re feeling extra creative (or if you happen to love spiral staircases) you can put an extra floor halfway up your wall with a spiral staircase leading up to it! Place your bookshelves of your most prized books for easy access whenever you want to grab a good book to read in bed for those gray, rainy days (or anytime, really!).

Want to figure out a way to showcase your books in your home? Do you have an idea but you aren’t sure how to get started? Give me a call right away at (618) 656-4728 or visit my website at to see what I can do for you!

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