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Hate Your Apartment? Personalize Your Rented Space with These 8 Tips!

Hate Your Apartment? Personalize Your Rented Space with These 8 Tips!

Renting your own space has so many advantages. If it’s your first step to freedom, the fact that you have the liberty to do what you want when you want in your own space is advantageous in itself. Rented spaces in particular tend to be cheaper than buying a house, and you don’t even have to worry about mowing your lawn or paying taxes for your home!

Unfortunately, a big disadvantage to renting your own space is that it isn’t really YOUR home, and you can also be very restricted into making it feel like your own home, depending on what is written in your lease.

Never fear! Here are 8 tips to help you personalize your rented space!

Paint – It’s no lie that a can of paint can do wonders for your space. It can transform a ho-hum home to an alive and personalized abode. Unfortunately, some landlords will not let their tenants paint, so you’ll need to check your lease first before you start picking out paint colors.

On the other hand, some landlords don’t mind if you paint at all, or they won’t mind as long as you paint the walls off-white before you move out. If you’re a lucky tenant to have that sort of landlord, then get your thinking cap on! You can paint every single wall you have in your home, or you can paint a couple of walls to provide a pop of color here and there (and reduce the costs!). If you have poor lighting, choose a color that will brighten up the room, like light yellow or light orange. Also, be aware of how colors can affect your mood. Blues are famous for providing calm and peace to those around it while red can get your blood pressure up if you let it!

Artwork and Wall Decorations – Before you pick up that hammer, make sure it’s okay with your landlord to use nails to hang up any art or decorations. If you’re able to use nails, your options are nearly limitless. You can hang pictures of your friends and family, either in individual frames or in collage form.

Don’t forget to hang your favorite artwork! You can find simple prints at Target or online. If you’re the artistic type, you can even hang your own artwork on your walls for a truly personal touch. If you’re unable to use nails, vinyl wall art can be a cool option, but it can damage the paint, so make sure it’s okay to use!

Furniture – Every home needs furnishings, including rented homes, even if they do have some furniture fixed or readily available in the space. Bring in your own chairs, couches, desks, and tables so that you feel more like home! Be sure that your furniture will fit inside your rented space, especially if there are stairs involved!

Rugs – Rugs both big and small can add a load of your personality and style to your rented home. They can hide ugly carpet or other flooring that you may not like. Patterned rugs can also really tie a room together, especially if there are very basic colors and designs to play with. Be sure, though, that the rugs you choose are not very difficult to take back to your home and fit within your home!

Plants – Be it potted, hanging, or faux, plants can add a lot of life and happiness to your home! Bring in your favorite potted plants to sit on your windowsills, or place a faux plant in the corner of a room. Not only will you feel happier, but you will also have the added benefit of having additional oxygen in your home (unless you have strictly faux plants, that is!).

Change the Light Fixtures – Some rented spaces can possess ghastly light fixtures. Fortunately, fixtures aren’t a permanent feature! Find some fixtures that you like, take down the previous fixtures, and put your new ones up to help your space look more personalized! Be sure to keep the fixtures that came with the apartment in a safe location and change them back before you move, though.

Room Dividers – If you happen to have long rooms in your rented space, then room dividers are for you! They can effectively divide space within a long room. Divide your room or rooms effectively with curtains, bright hanging fabrics, or folding screens. Be sure to arrange your furniture so that your dividers are used effectively in your space.

Accessories – Last but not least, be sure to invest in some accessories that will make you feel at home even right when you walk in the door. Try adorning your windows with colorful curtains! Decorate your bed with bedspreads and bed linens in your favorite colors. Place smaller lamps, lightweight statues, decorations, and throw pillows around the room. You don’t even have to spend a fortune either – you can find many great items at local garage sales or even in the clearance racks at your favorite department stores.

Personalizing your apartment may prove to be a bit challenging, but in the end it’s worth it! And remember, even small changes can make such a huge impact about how you feel about your apartment.

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