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Color Me Inspired! The Six Essential Tips To Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Space!

Color Me Inspired! The Six Essential Tips To Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Space!

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of moving into a new home or even simply owning the home you’ve been in for years is deciding how you want to decorate it. A can of paint is probably the easiest, most inexpensive, and most effective way to making your space look the way you want it.

While it’s simple to say that you want your bedroom to be blue or your kitchen to be yellow or dining room to be red, choosing the precise shade you want to provide the effect you desire can be a rather daunting task.

So how do you go about choosing the right color for YOUR space? Check out the following six tips to pick the perfect color for you!

Take The Color Home With You – When scouting out the right paint color for your space, you can find color swatches at most stores that sell paint. Use these swatches to your advantage! Choose an array of colors that you’ve been thinking about painting your space with.

But don’t simply grab the first pretty swatch you see and demand a gallon of paint in that shade – take it home with you first! Color is always more intense on a wall than on a simple little swatch. The lighting in the store is usually quite different from the lighting that’s in your home. Shades that might’ve stolen your heart in the store may repulse you when you take it home and put it against your walls!

Use Test Samples When You Can – Many companies will sell small and very inexpensive paint samples to you. Use this to your advantage! Buy a can or two of different shades you like, and paint one area on your wall before you make the final choice! Paint one small section and look at it at all times of the day and evening to see if the shade is something that you love or not.

Don’t Let Photos Fool You – Perhaps the place that many of us get for inspiration for interior decorating is the Internet. Photos of painted walls or doors on the Internet or in magazines may look stunning, that’s for sure, but don’t rush out to buy the color you saw right away. The lighting could be drastically different in the picture compared to the lighting you experience in your home, and the photo was more than likely enhanced to show off the richness of the colors’ hues. Instead, take the magazine or photo with you to either have the hue matched (if they’ll do it) or to use as a guideline.

Look At Your Chosen Color at All Hours of The Day – Colors on the swatch will appear differently on a wall at all times of the day and at night. Sometimes the color will appear soft in the early morning light but perhaps come off a bit overbearing in the harsh afternoon sun. Observe your chosen color on your walls at all times of the day to see if you still want to stick with it or not.

Consider Accent Walls – If you’ve fallen in love with a certain color but feel it could be too much for your room, don’t give that color up! Consider creating an accent wall by painting one wall the color you love while painting the remainder of the walls a neutral color. You won’t feel overwhelmed by the new color, and it is also a great way to create a focal point!

Go Against Tradition – Certain colors and shades tend to belong in certain rooms of different sizes and locations, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the crowd! If you absolutely love a darker or bold shade of color and want to paint your small bedroom that color, go for it! Light colors won’t physically expand the room anyway. Besides, you can always balance out the bold color with light furniture and accessories to create a beautiful space that pops!

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