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Bring a New Breath of Life Into Your Home by Repurposing Your Furniture!

Bring a New Breath of Life Into Your Home by Repurposing Your Furniture!

Sometimes we need a breath of fresh air in our home. Many of us will resort to going out and buying a new piece of furniture to place in our homes. Unfortunately, if we kept doing that every time we wanted to revitalize our house (which I don’t know about you, but that’s quite frequently for me!), then our homes will quickly start looking like the homes on Hoarders: Buried Alive!
So what can we do? How can we easily (and inexpensively) fix up our homes just a little bit to give it a new breath of life? Repurposing furniture and other pieces may very well be the solution to the problem!

Just because one piece serves a certain purpose in a certain room at this point in time doesn’t mean that it has to stay there forever doing the same thing it’s been doing the whole time you’ve had it. You can easily repurpose it to serve another function in a different room!

If you have a basket that currently doesn’t quite serve a purpose, for example, you can add wheels to it and make it into a mobile end table in your living room, which will help you contain your clutter. Maybe that old coat-hook you used years ago can become a rustic mail sorter with some paint or stain plaque. Or perhaps that scratched up, cracked, or broken antique platter can become a vintage mirror!

And you don’t have to be restricted to using indoor pieces indoors and outdoor pieces outdoors either! For instance, you could repurpose an outdoor wooden shutter as a functional wall organizer! All you have to do is refinish it and hang it on your wall, maybe over a hallway console, and voila! You’ve got a bona fide bulletin board! You can tuck in invitations and important notices and display your children’s artwork on your new “bulletin board!”

Sometimes you can even repurpose broken pieces of furniture. A table that’s lost one of its four legs can easily find its new purpose as a small console in an entryway or hallway after it’s been cut in half and refinished or painted. Even an old door, once refinished and painted, can become an inexpensive headboard for a bed. Trust us – you’ll barely be able to tell the difference!

And of course, repurposing doesn’t simply mean moving some pieces of furniture to another room and making it serve a different purpose. You can add a small piece of fabric or furniture to an existing piece of furniture to give a bit more life. A new slipcover on a couch or carefully stapling fabric onto dining room chairs can give the room a much-needed pop of color. Adding castors to a trunk or suitcase can make it into a rolling coffee table in the living room. You can even add a bit more zest and a new dimension to your bookshelves by adding fabric or wallpaper to the back of it!

Even small changes in your furniture can make the biggest difference. For example, you pretty much can’t go wrong with a coat of white paint. If you feel a certain room of yours is too dark or if you have mismatched pieces of furniture, consider painting some furniture white to brighten the room (and do paint all mismatched pieces of furniture white to unify them)! Stain and varnish can also work wonders on wooden pieces of furniture. Even something as small as different knobs and hardware can make a huge difference!

Do you have any questions about repurposing furniture? Would you like some advice on how to do it? Contact us. No job is too big or too small for us. Let us help you give your home a new breath of life now!

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