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Bare Walls? You Have to Try These 11 Decorating Tips!

Bare Walls? You Have to Try These 11 Decorating Tips!

Are the walls in your home like a boring blank canvas that’s just itching to be decorated? Do you already have a hodge-podge of decorations and pieces of art that have been thrown at random on your wall years ago when you moved in? Are you simply tired of your ho-hum decorations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re just in luck! I have some quick, handy tips for you to help spruce up your walls (or simply give them a breath of fresh air)! Check out my 11 tips below to help you get started!

Tip Number 1

Grab your guests’ attention to your walls, unique accessories, or color scheme with an oversized work of art! With a massive print on your wall, they won’t be able to resist looking!

Tip Number 2

Make your calendar double as artwork! Simply remove the glass from a store-bought frame, line the inside of the frame with your favorite piece of scrapbook paper, and glue your calendar to the paper! Make it even easier on yourself by using a calendar that features month-by-month tear-off pages!

Tip Number 3

Love plants? Make your own botanical prints! Just lay out some plastic or silk greenery on a blank canvas and spray paint, and you’ll create a special reverse silhouette of some of your favorite plants!

Tip Number 4

Small spaces need love, too! If you have a small spot that tends to be less accommodating to regular pieces of art, try hanging a pair of floating shelves and place various frames and perhaps china on them! Make the shelves pop by painting them white for dark walls or black for pale walls.

Tip Number 5

Don’t have a headboard in your bedroom? Create your own with framed prints! Hang one, two, or even three rows of your favorite prints in sleek black frames over your bed! Just be sure to hang them close together to create that headboard effect.

Tip Number 6

If you have a theme going through a space in your home, play on that theme by displaying collections of prints, paintings, and more that display that theme! Go for prints and paintings in different sizes for a stunning decorating effect!


Tip Number 7

Are you artistic? Take some time out to create your own beautiful works of art for your home! Not only will you save some money, but you will also have exactly what makes you happy on your walls!

Tip Number 8

If you’re looking for a fun, dynamic, and different way to pretty up your walls, try combining two different types of art! For example, shadowboxes and small, distinct pieces of china will help dress up that blank canvas of a wall for you in no time flat! Be sure to line the shadowboxes with colorful pieces of paper or fabrics before mounting the china inside!

Tip Number 9

You may have art hanging in the middle of your walls, but are you totally ignoring the tops of your walls? If you think you can’t hang art above your large living room windows or your kitchen cabinets, well, you haven’t run out of options yet! Try hanging a gallery of your favorite pictures or prints in matching frames! Opt for black and white photos if you have a colorful space for a classic look, or brighten up your neutral space with colorful prints.

Tip Number 10

If you love a certain pattern or idea, give it more prominence on your walls by adding a slight variation to it.

Tip Number 11

Large mirrors can be great for making a room larger, but sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming. Instead, opt for a smaller alternative by grouping several smaller mirrors together! Use frameless mirrors in different shapes and sizes to create a stunning effect on your walls.



Are your walls in need of some TLC but you’re not sure where to start? No problem! Just give me a call at (618) 656-4728, and I can help you in no time! If you’re looking for some decorating ideas, why not check out my website at Be sure to take a peek at my other blogs for fun, simple ideas on how to make your home even more beautiful!

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