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5 Fun and Adventurous Ways to Use Maps in Your Home Decor

5 Fun and Adventurous Ways to Use Maps in Your Home Decor

Maps are wonderful tools that chronicle centuries of discovery and exploration and help us to find our way when we are lost. Decorating does that as well. Through the things we purchase and place in our home, we chart our own adventures and explore our inner selves, discovering who we truly are within.

Though maps may not come to mind right away when we think about decorating our homes, they can make great decorating elements within a home! With their sweeping lines, color blocking schemes, and typographic elements, maps have a unique and awesome graphic quality to them that allows them to be placed in just about any room in the home.

Check out these 5 fun and unique ways that you can start implementing maps in your home décor today!

DIY Map Vases – Are you tired of using ho-hum vases or expensive, breakable vases in your home décor? Try making your own map vases! Simply take an old soup or vegetable can, wash it thoroughly, and with a little help of glue and a map of your favorite place, you can make your own vases in no time!

Hand-Stitch a Map – Did you recently go on a really great vacation? Why not map it out and frame it? Find a map of your journey and hand-stitch the route you took on your vacation. Then pick out a beautiful, simple frame and display it on your wall or on a shelf!

Don’t Throw Away That Broken Globe! Did your globe of the earth break in two? You can STILL use it in your décor! Use the half of the globe that is still on its stand as a bowl to hold flowers, gourds, potpourri, or even your favorite fruits!

Get Crafty – If your walls need an extra something to them, start getting crafty! Find maps of your favorite towns, cities, states, or countries, cut them in the shape of a heart, and frame them! For a stunning effect, try this out on three different maps and frame them separately!

Map Pillows – Pillows are great accents to any home décor. Find a pillow of the world, your favorite city, or even your favorite state! If you’re the sewing type, try stitching up a replica of your favorite state and place a heart in the place you live, the place you met your significant other, or whatever you think is important!

Love this idea but don’t know how to get started? It’s easy! Just pick up the phone and call me at (618) 656-4728 or check out my website online at for more ideas! Let me help you map out who you really are in your interior design!

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