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Welcome the Fall Season With These 9 Decorating Tips!

Welcome the Fall Season With These 9 Decorating Tips!

The fall season is upon us! That means it’s time to put those shorts and sandals away for the year and to retrieve those cozy blankets and sweaters from our closets and storage bins to prepare for the chilly weather ahead.

But don’t just make the necessary changes to your wardrobe! Be sure to prepare your home for the new season with these 9 decorating ideas!

Pretty Up the Porch – Not all houses have a porch, but if yours does, make sure to start your fall decorating there! Wrap your columns with straw, tall corn stalks, or silk autumn leaves. Scatter a few pumpkins in corners, on chairs, or anywhere else you feel is appropriate. Carry a similar motif through garlands and lanyards in your front door and entryway.

Show Your Enthusiasm For Autumn on the Dining Room Table – Choose the colors and style you wish to reflect for the season. If you have a casual dining room, try decorating with an edible centerpiece like red or yellow apples. For a formal dining room, consider an elegant fall centerpiece such as a cornucopia filled with faux fruits and gourds. And remember, your centerpiece doesn’t have to be finite. You can easily add or subtract different elements throughout the season!

Display Fall-Themed Artworks and Colors – Find some beautiful pieces of art to hang in your home and help welcome the new season in! Consider nature themes that feature the colors of the season – oranges, gold, reds, rustic yellows, and browns. If you’re artistic, feel free to make your own works of art for your home!

Make Your Home Cozy! What’s better than cozying up in your home when the temperatures begin to dip? Not much! Bring out the comfy fall-colored blankets to put on your couches or chairs, and complete the look with throw pillows that complement the look.

Welcome Guests with a Beautiful Autumn Wreath – First impressions begin at the front door, so don’t neglect that door! Adorn your door with a simple grapevine wreath or add one that features silk fall leaves, pinecones, berries, or even cornhusks.

Make a Simple Color Change with Slipcovers – Want to change the mood in your home quickly and inexpensively? Change the slipcovers on your furniture! Add a casual or formal fabric that matches your décor by choosing a slipcover in fall colors. When all else fails, browns and creams work wonders.

Showcase the Season on Your Fireplace! If you happen to have a fireplace, you should put it to good use! Decorate your mantel with small pumpkins and gourds or even colorful candles to make you feel more and more in the fall spirit!

Opt For Heavier Curtains and Drapery – Autumn is the time to switch out the light, breezy fabrics hanging in front of your windows for heavier ones. Choose heavier fabrics in deep, rich fall colors. They will make you and your home feel warmer!

Bring Home the Smells of Fall – Fall may be all about the striking colors of leaves and the crunch of fallen leaves underneath our feet, but many people also find that there is a certain scent to fall that leaves them wanting more of the season. Bring those scents into your home to perpetuate that love for the season! Shoot for cinnamon, apple cider, pumpkin pie, or even a scent that mimics the first burning of your fireplace to waft in your home throughout the fall months.

Want more tips? Not sure how to make your home embrace the fall season? No problem! Just call me at (618) 656-4728 or check out my website at to see how I can help you! Don’t let your home be mediocre or lackluster for the impending season – embrace the season with my help!

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