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Are You Making These 5 Common Interior Design Mistakes?

Are You Making These 5 Common Interior Design Mistakes?

Remodeling is a very exciting project to undertake, that’s for sure! However, it can become very overwhelming quite quickly. Certainly, not everyone is an expert when it comes to interior design, so many people can make quite a few mistakes throughout the remodeling process.

While there is a multitude of mistakes that can be made during the renovation process, I’ve chosen my top 5 mistakes that I feel are the biggest mistakes. See if you’re making the mistakes below in your interior design process!

You Don’t Plan Out Your Remodeling Process – Remodeling is like deciding to have a pet – it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should take the proper time out to plan and coordinate your project. Take a look around you and figure out how you want your home to appear stylistically. Flip through some of your favorite home magazines or the Internet for inspiration (or my website!). And, most importantly, be sure to create a budget to help you stay on the right track.

You Buy Too Much Furniture (And It’s Out of Scale) – It’s always exciting to buy a new piece of furniture or two… or three. But buying before you measure can be a costly mistake for you! Before you buy any piece of furniture, be sure to measure the room you’re buying it for and to measure the piece’s width, height, and depth. Additionally, while it may be fun to by several pieces of furniture, be sure you don’t make the most common interior design mistake – over furnishing! When you put too many things in a room, the space can feel very crowded. Be sure to buy pieces that can provide more than one function to help you reduce the number of objects in the space.

You Choose Cheap Things Instead of Quality Products – Everyone loves a bargain, that’s for sure. But there’s a difference between getting a great piece for a bargain and cheap piece for your home! Try to avoid cheap knickknacks, artwork, and pieces of furniture, and only purchase the things you truly love and can afford. While certain pieces might cost you more money right now, they will last in the long run compared to cheap pieces.

The Lighting in Your Space is Poor – Light can do so much good for a room… if used properly, that is. Be sure that you have several sources of light in your space instead of just one light source. You’ll want enough light to be able to read, hold conversations in, and anything else you’d like to do, so be sure to use table lamps and floor lamps to help out!

You Choose Your Paint FIRST – Unless you’re starting from absolute scratch, you really should avoiding choosing your paint first. You need to see which colors exist in your current fabrics, pillows, furniture, rugs, and anything else in your home. Choose a paint color that will pull the other colors from your existing furnishings and add the overall feel you want to give to your specific space.

If you’re beginning to redecorate or would like to begin the process, remember that you don’t have to go it alone! Give me a call at (618) 656-4728 or visit my website at to see what I can do for you! I’d love to help you give your home a new breath of life!

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