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Granny Chic; 2021’s Coziest Home Decor Trend

Interior design trends in 2021 are looking cozy and nostalgic! Learn all about this new trend and how to achieve the perfect Granny Chic home with vintage charm and modern sophistication.

Granny Chic; 2021’s Coziest Home Decor Trend

Exiting a period where we spent more time in our homes than ever, comfort is key in design trends moving forward. 2021’s interior decor trends are looking towards cozy, nostalgic design, reminiscent of grandparents’ homes from years past. Designs that had previously seemed dated, are being revamped with modern touches for modern sensibilities, creating an eclectic mix of bold mid-century decor and clean contemporary finishes that’s as inviting as it is chic.

Color Palette: Warm Tones

Photos and decor courtesy of Revelation by Uttermost©

Warm tones are what’s in! Mustard and golden yellows, deep blue-greens, and warm olive are comforting colors that create depth and contrast to accent your room. For a more alternative option, burnt oranges with pops of bright red provide as much warmth as they do retro charm. Warmer colors give safer, cozier feelings to your home, making it a vibrant place to find reprieve.

Sleek Mid-Century Inspired Furniture

Photos and decor courtesy of Revelation by Uttermost©

Mid-century style furniture helps bring the “granny” to Granny Chic! Modernized furniture from the space-age 60’s and 70’s adds a sleek retro edge to any room. Furniture pieces in this style feature simple geometric lines with mixed materials. Marble, wood, aluminum, lucite, and brass are commonly intermixed to create contrast in texture and color.

Lush Floral Paintings and Botanicals

Photos and decor courtesy of Revelation by Uttermost©

Art Nouveau and mid-century surrealist inspired floral paintings mixed with dried botanicals and floral prints is a hallmark of the “granny chic” look. Bold abstract art pieces can also be used but more lush floral pieces add a signature contrast to the sleek furnishings in this style.

Comfortable Den-Style Seating

Photos and decor courtesy of Revelation by Uttermost©

“Granny chic” seating is all about bringing back the cozy, family gathering spaces of years past. Inspired by 1970’s dens, the focus is on wide seats, comfortable cushions, and lots of them. Boxy, squared lines are popular in this style of seating for the safe walls they provide. Plump cushions and 1-and-a-half wide chairs are offset by these simple shapes. Bold, overscale prints and padded leather accent this seating with an authentically vintage feel. To finish off the look, overstuffed ottomans and contrasting textural pillows further add comfort and levity to this more-is-more approach to in-style living.

Current Versions of Thrifted Finds

Photos and decor courtesy of Revelation by Uttermost©

In conjunction with sleek, simplified mid-century modernist decor, updated antiquities of other eras play just as important of a role. Granny chic is all about contrasting modern with what’s old, what’s minimal with what’s over the top; such is that furniture would be the same way. Mimicking the aesthetic of updated antique and thrift-store furniture, retro-reproductions with modern paint and finishes have grown in popularity. Without these more broadly vintage and unabashedly retro pieces, there would be no “granny” in “granny chic,” Mixing eras brings out the best in them all and makes for a uniquely sophisticated home.

Contrast: Dark makes comfort from light

Photos and decor courtesy of Revelation by Uttermost©

Keeping with the theme of comfort, darkened walls add coziness to your space, contrasted with light and inviting accents. Bedrooms, offices, and dens are particularly benefited by the secure and inviting feeling dark walls provide. Wallpaper, wood paneling, and paint are all options in the retro-clash trend of Granny Chic!

Glazed Ceramics and Petrified Wood

Photos and decor courtesy of Revelation by Uttermost©

Decor, table accents, and art have no shortage of options in a “granny chic” styled room. From picture frames, to vases, to books on the shelf, the generational nostalgia associated with the trend ensures that every household will have their own interpretation of what it looks like to be back at “home”. Whether your grandmother’s home was more 60’s or 70’s, ceramics and natural wood pieces are safe bets that add warmth and just the right amount of timeless to the room. Glazed and enameled pieces are great options to add a retro feel. 

Gold, Brass, and Bronze

Photos and decor courtesy of Revelation by Uttermost©

When decorating a room, the finishing details are always what pulls it together. In the perfect cozy-retro-granny chic room, there’s no better finishing touch than gold, brass, and bronze. Tying into the warm colors and high contrast stylings of the trend, yellow and amber toned metals are the way to go. Gold has a timeless, nostalgic feel that is forever associated with the luster of the past. What better way to relive the golden years than with a gold-accented present?

Where To Get Started?

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