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Don’t settle for off-white. We’ll help you pick beautiful colors that compliment your room.
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Home Color Consultant in St. Louise


Changing the colors of your interior space, or the color scheme of your furnishings and accessories can totally transform a home. Your color scheme should be coordinated with woodwork, cabinetry, trim style, flooring & your furnishings.  

Adding just a splash of color can transform all of the other features in a room that didn’t change.  For example, adding stools or accessories in a kitchen can make a plain stone countertop look extraordinary.. 

Colors should transition from room to room in a home. Particularly in an open floor plan where you can see multiple rooms from any vantage point. 

Color consulting talking with our customers is consistently a highly interactive process. We work side by side with our clients to make coordinated choices that will look great and bring them joy.

When we’re finished with your color consultation, you will adore the final product!

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Not certain where to start? Our Interior Designer, Ginger Huff, will come to your home and help you and create and plan a space in that represents your style and demands. Try not to stress: we’ll work around YOUR timetable.

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