It's Time to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone This Year With 2012's Interior Design Trends!

It’s Time to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone This Year With 2012′s Interior Design Trends!


Are you feeling uninspired or bored with your current home interior design? Does looking at your furniture, paintings, or walls make you yawn? Feel like it’s time for some change to your humble abode? Then it’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and try some (or all) of 2012’s interior design trends!

Be Bold in Color Choice - This year, try experimenting with color in your home interior design! Bright and neon colors are very popular right now, and we mean POPULAR! You can find neon colors in clothing, fabrics, office accessories, and so much more in stores this year. Incorporate pink, gold, sky blue, silver, bright green, and orange into your fabrics, paint, décor, and furniture. According to Pantone, colors like Tangerine Tango, Pink Flambé, Bright Chartreuse, and Olympian Blue will be on trend for the fall, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget, let alone redesigning your home again in the near future!

Play With Patterns - When working with patterns this year, mix a variety of different ones to create something beautiful! If done right, the final product can look polished and chic. For example, try using a floral pattern for the throw pillows and a solid color or simple pattern for the carpet. You might want to mix different textures such as silk and embroidery, or glass and wood for a modern feel to your home.

Mix Up Your Furniture - Since we are in a recessionary period, purchasing furniture sets (which tend to be expensive as it is) can be rather daunting. Luckily for you, the days of having matching furniture are coming to an end! Add some of your personality into your home by mixing different styles of sofas, tables, and chairs. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Let Your Personality Shine Through In Your Lighting! – Lighting is a magical thing in interior design. It can turn a horribly drab, unwelcoming room into a fun, invigorating abode to reside in. If you’re out of ideas in how to employ lighting in your home, try going with the bold trends of 2012! Use bigger and brighter lighting to act as accents in a room. For instance, try installing a bigger, more dazzling chandelier in your dining room or bathroom or even something as simple as two accent lights on each side of your bed.

Need help finding bold colors to suit your personality? Want to experiment with textures but don’t know where to start? If so, do not hesitate to call me at (618) 791-9113 or visit my website at! We can discuss what trends you are interested in and get you on your way to breathing bold new life into your home!

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